Nutritional features for weight loss

Improper diet is one of the reasons to avoid excess. You can lose weight just by changing your diet. To do this, you need to reduce your daily calorie intake and replace harmful products with saturated ones with useful products, ie fast carbohydrates.

Finding a new meal plan for yourself is not difficult. This is difficult to follow, because you have to be more careful in choosing the product, count the calories, spend more time preparing different dishes so that the menu is different and not boring. For this reason, motivation is often lost. The problems are compounded by the change in the meal schedule - you have to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner in a new way without skipping. You need to count calories, spend more time preparing meals, prepare a menu for a week - it seems that it is very difficult to switch to a proper diet. But this is not the case.

Principles of nutrition

Before moving on to a new diet, you need to understand the principles of nutrition. They are not complicated.

  • The number of calories consumed during the day should be equal to or less than the number of calories burned.
  • Add healthy foods to your diet, except harmful ones.
  • Eat different.
  • Follow a meal schedule.
  • Drink water.

Basics of nutrition

weight loss food

Proper nutrition is a careful approach to eating.

Healthy foods

The body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly. For this reason, it is important to eat foods that are highly digestible and independent.

These are vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, nuts, fats, herbs - foods that contain carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants. They should be included in the diet as much as possible. Limit sugar, animal fat and salt intake. Get rid of smoked meats, sausages, fatty sauces, confectionery and other products.

It contains vegetable and animal fats (for example, mayonnaise), trans fats (sausages), salt and fast carbohydrates, along with many things that the body does not need.

Eating foods that are the optimal fat combination for weight loss

Losing weight by consuming such products will not work. As salt retains water in the body and there is no time to convert it into energy, fat will accumulate in the sides and abdomen.

If you can't get rid of harmful products, there is an alternative solution. Try to fool your brain by replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods that seem "shouldn't be" but are made from natural ingredients.

Healthy foods are the basis of proper nutrition

Meal frequency

Diet also affects weight loss. The recommended schedule is 4-5 times a day in small portions. If you eat too much, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, you will force your body to accumulate fat instead of burning it.

If you eat small meals during the day without long breaks, the body does not need to store fat and converts all the calories it receives into energy.

To save you time, we recommend cooking for several days at a time. Stack in containers and refrigerate.

Proper diet - eat in small portions and often

How much water to drink and how to do it properly

Water helps to lose weight because it initiates metabolic processes and speeds up metabolism. Doctors calculated that a person should drink 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. On average, it is 1, 5-2, 5 liters a day, and if you replace the coffee breaks with a glass of water, the benefits will increase even more.

You should drink water during the day, without taking a breath immediately. The most important rules:

  • drink slowly in small sips;
  • on an empty stomach in the morning, drink a glass of water at least half an hour before breakfast;
  • drink half a glass of water half an hour before a meal;
  • Do not drink during and immediately after meals.

Daily water intake - 30 ml per kilogram

How many calories should you eat per day?

Everything here depends on the individual - lifestyle, physical activity, accompanying diseases.

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According to average data, a man should have 2400 kcal per day, a woman 2000 kcal. But it is better to calculate your degree according to the formula accepted by nutritionists.

First, we calculate the basal metabolic rate.

Women Men
Basal metabolism = 10 * weight (kg) + 6. 25 * height (cm) - 5 * age - 161 Basal metabolism = 10 * weight (kg) + 6. 25 * height (cm) - 5 * age +5

Now the result must be multiplied by a factor that suits your lifestyle.

Life style Coefficient
Sit down 1, 2
Small movement (physical activity 1-2 days a week) 1, 375
Moderate activity (physical activity 3-5 days a week) 1. 55
High activity (every day) 1, 725
Very high activity (training twice a day, walking, physical activity at work) 1. 9

This will be your daily calorie intake.

Example: Manager, 35 years old, 67 kg, height 165 cm, calculate how many calories he should consume per day:

basic exchange: 10 * 67 + 6. 25 * 165 - 5 * 35 - 161 = 1365. 25.

An office worker, a sedentary lifestyle, therefore, is a calorie intake.

1365. 25 * 1. 2 = 1638. 3.

To maintain her weight, Natalie needs no more than 1638 calories a day. To lose weight, daily calorie intake should be reduced by 15-20%.

1638. 3 -% 20 = 1310. 64 calories.

Use this formula to calculate your daily calorie intake. Remember that the ratio should be reduced by 15-20% to lose weight.

The main problem for weight loss is menu preparation and calorie counting. This takes a long time, and as a result, the person returns to a normal diet. For those who are not ready to count themselves, there are ready-made solutions today.

For example, the diet line is suitable for those who lose weight. This is a varied menu for a week with a total calorie intake of 1200 kcal. For those who want to further reduce their calorie intake to get better results, Super Fit is the right choice for 1000 calories a day.

You can't suddenly reduce your calorie intake - it's stressful for the body. There is a reliable limit for calories - 1200 kcal for women, 1800 kcal for men. We strongly do not recommend going without consulting a nutritionist.

weight loss menu

Grow Grow lines also take into account that switching to a new type of food can be stressful for the body. For example, Fit's weekly menu includes foods with optimal calorie intake for weight loss. But at the same time you get a proper and varied diet.

Summarize. We recommend that you follow a few simple rules when losing weight:

  • Eliminate harmful foods from your diet.
  • Eat small portions 4-5 times a day.
  • Drink water. In the morning on an empty stomach and half an hour before a meal.
  • Calculate your daily calorie intake and gradually reduce it.
  • Choose a ready-made menu to suit your needs.